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Elicoidali Pasta: Everything About the Shape

Arguably one of the most versatile pasta shapes, tube-shaped pastas are used almost everywhere in the world. A good ambassador for this particular pasta type is elicoidali, a medium-sized tube pasta with ridges. 

The name “elicoidali” comes from the Italian word “elica,” which means helix or spiral. It is a medium-sized tube-shaped pasta that closely resembles rigatoni. Although information on its origins can be quite difficult to come by, most people claim that it originated in Campania, Italy. 

In this article, we’ll tell you everything there is to know about elicoidali pasta and provide delicious recipes you can try yourself. Let’s dive in!

Elicoidali: Origin and Meaning

Here’s a table with essential facts about elicoidali: 

Pasta Shape:Elicoidali
Pasta Type:Tube-shaped Pasta
Origin:Campania, Italy
Meaning:Italian term for “Helix” or “Spiral”
Similar Shapes:Rigatoni, Tortiglioni, Paccheri

Where Did Elicoidali Originate?

The history behind elicoidali is quite unknown. All we know is that it comes from Italy, most likely emerging from the southern part of the country. 

Nowadays, elicoidali can be seen almost everywhere. This pasta shines best when paired with full-bodied sauces or even pasta bakes and casseroles. 

What Does Elicoidali Mean?

The word “elicoidali” comes from the Italian word “elica,” which means “helix” or “spiral.” Judging by the looks of this pasta, elicoidali is a fitting name. This pasta has twisted ridges that run across its body, giving it the perfect texture to grab onto chunky or creamy sauces. 

What Is the Difference Between Elicoidali and Rigatoni?

Upon first glance, elicoidali and rigatoni seem almost identical. Because they are both ridged tube-shaped pastas, it can be quite challenging to tell them apart. An easy way to differentiate these pasta shapes is simply by looking: elicoidali is slightly more narrow and curved while rigatoni is a straight, wide tube. 

Due to the similarity of their forms, both elicoidali and rigatoni can be enjoyed in similar ways, and they can even be considered interchangeable. 

Traditional Dishes Suitable for Elicoidali Pasta

Here are some traditional dishes you can make with elicoidali pasta:

Braised Pork Ribs with Elicoidali Pasta

This comforting and hearty dish consists of succulent slow-cooked ribs along with a side of pasta that’s cooked in the braising liquid. This results in an extremely delicious and filling meal that will certainly impress any guest. 

Chicken Pasta Salad

A light and refreshing pasta salad with chicken, onions, almonds, and mayo-based salad dressing is a good way to enjoy elicoidali pasta in a non-traditional way. 

These simple but delicious dishes are just a few ways you can enjoy elicoidali pasta.  

Final Thoughts 

Elicoidali pasta is one of the most versatile pasta shapes available today. Whether it’s served next to some succulent ribs or simply baked and topped with cheese, elicoidali pasta is a foolproof ingredient that will elevate any meal. 

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