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Tagliatelle Pasta: Everything About the Shape

There are hundreds and hundreds of types of pasta shapes around the world, each offering a unique gastronomic experience depending on the recipe you choose. And there are dozens of recipes as well. By the way, do you know Tagliatelle pasta?

In the category of long pasta, tagliatelle is a speciality of Italian cuisine and one of the most popular. It is a strip-shaped pasta, a kind of ribbon, easily identifiable. In general, a ribbon of tagliatelle is about 7 mm long when raw, and up to 8 mm once cooked. Its thickness which is not explicitly defined is often in the order of 0.6 to 0.8 mm.

In this article, let’s discover the Tagliatelle pasta, its origin, as well as the culinary specificities of this form of pasta.

Tagliatelle: Origin and meaning

Table of facts about tagliatelle

Pasta Shape:Tagliatelle
Pasta Type:Ribbon pasta
Origin: Emilia-Romagna
Meaning: To Cut / Carve
Similar Shapes:fettuccine, tagliolini, pappardelle,

Where did tagliatelle originate?

In the past, tagliatelle was a pasta reserved only for special occasions and served only to prestigious people. Tagliatelle is said to have been invented by Bentivoglio’s cook, Maestro Zafirano, on the occasion of the wedding between the Duke of Ferrara and Lucrezia Borgia. According to the legend, the cook was influenced by the blonde hair of the bride Lucrezia. These forms of pasta are made of wheat flour and eggs. 

However, this legend is not universally approved, as pictorial representations of tagliatelle have been found in an eleventh-century Arabic health manual. And these representations would be much earlier than the date of the TacuinumSanitatis. But in any case, tagliatelle has remained one of the most popular pasta dishes in Italy to this day.

What does tagliatelle mean?

The name tagliatelle is actually derived from the Italian word Tagliare, which means to cut/carve. This name was somewhat inspired by the way this tagliatelle pasta is made. The long sheets of pasta are cut into strips. Since 1990, there is a French variant of this word that is recognised: Taliatelle. However, the word tagliatelle is also used by some people in French. Today, this egg pasta is served in almost all world cultures in various culinary recipes. Dishes using tagliatelle are popular with all of us.

What is the difference between Tagliatelle and Fettuccine?

For tagliatelle to truly deserve their name, it is mostly a matter of precision. To deserve this name, the ribbons must be between 6 and 8 mm wide. If the ribbons were thicker or too narrow, we would then talk about Fettuccine.

Traditional dishes that use tagliatelle

If there is one certain thing, it is that this egg pasta is appreciated in all its forms. There are many traditional dishes using tagliatelle. Generally, they are served with a Bolognese or meat sauce. If you’re in the mood for something new, you might want to try the famous tagliatelle carbonara dish. Better yet, for vegetarians, you’ll probably love the mushroom tagliatelle. Thus, there are so many options for an unforgettable dining experience.

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