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Taglierini Pasta: Everything About the Shape

Do you fancy eating ribbon-like noodle pasta? If the answer is a resounding YES, Taglierini is the pasta of your dreams. 

Taglierini pasta resembles fettucini and spaghetti, and the roots are in the Emilia-Romagna region. The pasta is most commonly served in two ways – with truffles or a meaty sauce. In Piedmont, they call this pasta tajarin, and the dough contains flour, semolina, and salt. A light sauce would go perfectly, but there are all kinds of traditional dishes you can try making at home. 

But first, know a little more about Taglierini and how it is different from Tagliolini. This quick post highlights everything you need to know about Taglierini pasta. 

Taglierini Origin and Meaning

Pasta Shape: Thin ribbon 
Pasta Type: Ribbon 
Width: 2 to 3 mm
Origin:  Emilia Romagna
Meaning:  Cutters 
Synonyms:  Tajarin 
Similar Shapes: Fettucini

Where did Taglierrini originate?

Taglierini hails from Northern Italy. So, the origin is Emilia Romagna. As per rural tradition, Taglierini was invented from filled pasta leftovers. It was considered poor country cooking in the book, ‘Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating.’

But, Taglierini is not just famous in Italy. Although it is lesser known than spaghetti or macaroni, the locals enjoy it on a summery day with a glass of wine. 

Did you know that Japanese people celebrate New Year with Taglierini? The super-long pasta symbolises a happy and long life. In Korean tradition, taglierini is prepared to ward off evil spirits. To each his own – that’s what we believe in! 

What Does Taglierini mean?

Taglierini means cutter in Italian. However, this is a noodle-like pasta. Taglierini is thinner than spaghetti, and it goes beautifully when the sauce is light. 

Taglierini is made using flour, water, and eggs. It’s a kind of egg pasta that tastes divine on a hot day. And surprisingly, it pairs quite well with wine. Some chefs even use white wine to enhance the taste of the Taglierini dish. 

What Is the Difference Between Taglierini and Tagliolini? 

A lot of people get confused between Tagliolini and Taglierini. While both are ribbon-shaped, Taglierini is thinner than Tagliolini.

Taglierini is flat and thin, but the cooking time will be longer for this. Tagliolini is round and slim but it takes less time to cook. Taglierini is quite similar to fettuccine because the latter is also flat and thin. 

Traditional dishes that use Taglierini  

Taglierini can be served in two ways. You can either serve it up with truffles. Locals call it Tajarin al Tartufi. Others may like to make a meat roast sauce to go with it. This one’s called Tajarin Al Sugo Do Arrosto. 

There are other traditional dishes to try at home. You can make a Bolognese sauce to go with the Taglierini. The sauce is made using beef, tomato paste, pancetta, meat broth, milk/cream, white wine, and onions. 

Traditional dishes like these ought to be devoured fully with a glass of Italian wine. Taglierini is comforting yet light, so prep up your plate of fulfilling pasta, and enjoy a summery day with your close ones. 

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