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Trenette: Everything About the Pasta Shape

Ribbon-shaped pastas are one of the most well-known pasta varieties in the world. Some of the most popular ones are linguine, fettuccine, and even bavette. But have you heard about trenette pasta?

Trenette gets its name from the word “trena,” which means “string” in Genoese. It comes from Liguria, a region that borders the Italian Riviera. Although trenette has been around for a while, it was most recently popularized by the Disney film Luca. 

In this article, we’ll cover everything there is to know about trenette pasta and provide delicious recipes you can try yourself. Let’s get to it!

Trenette: Origin and Meaning

Here’s a table with essential facts about Trenette: 

Pasta Shape:Trenette
Pasta Type:Ribbon Pasta
Length:Around 25.4 cm (10 in) 
Origin:Liguria, Italy
Meaning:Comes from the word “trena”, which means “string”
Similar Shapes:Linguine, Bavette

Where Did Trenette Originate?

Trenette pasta originated from the Italian region of Liguria. This region, which is home to both stunning coastlines and the picturesque Apennine mountain range, is where one of Italy’s oldest pasta-making traditions and one of the most diverse regional cuisines can be found.

What Does Trenette Mean?

The word “trenette” comes from the Genoese word “trena” which means “string”. Traditionally, trenette pasta is prepared with green beans, potatoes, and Genoese pesto. 

What Is the Difference Between Trenette and Linguine?

Because they look nearly identical, people often think that trenette and linguine are just different names for the same pasta. Upon closer inspection, however, it can be observed that trenette features a more rounded shape as opposed to the linguine’s more flat silhouette. Because of their similarity, these two pasta varieties can be considered interchangeable! 

Traditional Dishes Suitable for Tubetti Pasta

Here are some traditional dishes you can make with trenette pasta:

Trenette al Pesto

This hearty, comforting recipe served with fresh basil pesto sauce, potatoes, and green beans is the traditional way to serve trenette pasta. Thanks to the Disney film Luca, more and more people are introduced to this uniquely charming dish. 

Trenette with Swordfish Sauce

Because Liguria is a coastal region, it boasts some of the finest seafood the country has to offer. Tossing some freshly caught swordfish cutlets along with tomatoes, garlic, and capers makes for a refreshingly filling sauce that pairs perfectly well with trenette pasta. 

Final Thoughts 

Trenette pasta is one of the most versatile pasta shapes you can try. Its long, ribbony shape allows you to use it much like any other ribbon-shaped pasta varieties, but its unique thickness and texture allow creamy and chunky sauces to cling to it better. If you’re looking to try out more pasta shapes but don’t want to try anything too crazy, trenette may be a good option for you. 

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