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Gemelli Pasta: Everything About the Shape

Italians and their love for pasta isn’t an unknown phenomenon. But, pasta is a broad term, and Italians have a variety of them. Ever heard of Gemelli? 

Gemelli resembles the shape of fusilli, but it’s got a loose twist. The unique and versa rips pasta hails from Puglia and can be prepared in innumerable ways. 

While you’re here, let’s make you familiar with Gemelli pasta, its origin, quick traditional recipes, and a lot more. Keep reading! 

Gemelli Origin and Meaning

Pasta Shape:Gemelli
Pasta Type: Twisted 
Length: 50 to 80 mm 
Origin: Puglia, Italy 
Meaning:  Twins 
Synonyms: Unicorn horns
Similar Shapes: Fusilli 

Where did Gemelli originate?

Gemelli is originally from Puglia in the Southern Italian region. It has a versatile shape just like fusilli pasta but is loosely twisted. 

Gemelli is known for its versatility. But you should know a fun fact about its origin. Did you know that Puglia is also known as the breadbasket of Italy? Also, the landscape of Puglia makes you feel like you’re in Greece. 

What Does Gemelli mean?

In Italian, Gemelli means twins. You may notice that the pasta has two separate strands, but it’s a single strand that is twisted around itself. Gemelli is a single S-shaped pasta strand twisted into a beautiful spiral. 

The unique shape of Gemelli can hold the sauce and make the dish succulent and rich. It may remind you of Fusilli pasta because both the variants are twisted and have a corkscrew shape. 

What Is the Difference Between Gemelli and Fusilli? 

Gemelli and fusilli have a similar shape, so they hold sauces beautifully together. But, there is a slight difference in the shape. For example, Gemelli seems like there are two pasta strands twisted together whereas it’s just one strand. Fusilli does not give you that illusion. 

Also, some chefs and locals use egg in their fusilli dishes, but Gemelli pairs well with meats and seafood. 

The only resemblance these two have is that they both can hold saucy, creamy, and rich sauces. 

Traditional dishes that use Gemelli 

Since Gemelli is an Italian pasta, the locals make use of fresh ingredients. The locals and chefs around here don’t use egg in their Gemelli pasta preparation. 

Do you wish to know about a few traditional Gemelli pasta dishes? Let’s share a couple of recipes with you. 

Here’s a classic recipe for you: 

Heat olive oil, add chopped cherry tomatoes, and garlic into it. Add the cooked pasta, and sprinkle a generous amount of Parmesan cheese over it. 

Use fresh basil to garnish the Gemelli dish. Italians use fresh herbs, so don’t try and add anything that is dried up.

Gemelli pasta also tastes beautiful in a rich and creamy mushroom sauce. 

The second recipe requires you to add garlic, thyme, and rosemary in a skillet along with thin slices of mushroom. Add a bit of salt, and then put the cooked pasta into it. 

Use Parmesan cheese and heavy cream to create a thick and creamy sauce. Gemelli pasta will hold the sauce beautifully. 

Always remember to enjoy authentic Italian pasta fresh and hot. You can’t prepare it ahead of time! 

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